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Beat Break

Strategy Type

Date Added

Energize to Maximize

April 2, 2024



Josh Korb

Physical Activity, Active Learning, Brain Break

Activity Overview

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Infuse a dose of excitement with the "Beat Break" – a spontaneous dance party that can happen at any moment. Surprise your class with this energizing break, whether it's a reward for good behavior or just to lift spirits.

Activity Description

Students can take a short dance break to release pent-up energy and improve their mood.

Let a different student become the DJ for each session, selecting a lively, school-appropriate song. Clear a small space, play the chosen song, and watch as the class transforms into a lively dance floor. Add a theme to the mix by selecting songs that match classroom activities or celebrations – it's a quick and effective way to refresh and recharge, turning the ordinary into extraordinary.

Materials Needed

  • Your body

  • Dance Music

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