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Calming Yoga

Strategy Type

Date Added

Energize to Maximize

April 2, 2024



Josh Korb

Brain Break, Active Learning, Physical Activity

Activity Overview

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Introduce a moment of tranquility with the "Calming Yoga" break. Minimal setup is required; students can stand by their desks or find a quiet corner for a calming and focused experience.

Activity Description

Brain breaks and movement activities can help keep students engaged and energized in the classroom. By incorporating these activities into your teaching, you can help your students improve their focus and attention, reduce stress and anxiety, increase energy and motivation, and improve their memory and learning.

Keep it unpredictable; insert these breaks randomly, perhaps after an intense learning session. Foster leadership skills by allowing students to take turns leading a brief yoga routine, with resources or a guide provided for basic poses. To make it even more enjoyable, align the yoga poses with a theme – envision a forest with the "Tree Pose."

Materials Needed

  • Your body!

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