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Jumping Jack Jam

Strategy Type

Date Added

Energize to Maximize

April 2, 2024



Josh Korb

Active Learning, Physical Activity, Brain Break

Activity Overview

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Inject a burst of energy into your class with the "Jumping Jack Jam." The beauty of this break lies in its simplicity – no need for special equipment, just a quick and invigorating movement that transforms the classroom atmosphere instantly.

Activity Description

Brain breaks are short mental breaks that allow students to take a break from their academic work and engage in a different activity. These breaks can help students recharge their brains and improve their focus and attention. Movement activities, on the other hand, involve physical movement and can help students release pent-up energy and improve their mood.

To keep things engaging, let a different student lead the session each time, setting the pace for the whole class. Add a touch of creativity by incorporating themes; for example, imagine you're astronauts doing jumping jacks in zero gravity during a space-themed unit.

Materials Needed

  • Your body!

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