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Role-Play Simulation

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Stimulating Simulations

April 2, 2024



Josh Korb

Active Learning, Role Play, Simulation

Activity Overview

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Start with a role-play simulation that aligns with your current curriculum. This type of simulation not only makes the lesson more engaging but also helps students understand the complexity of historical events and the impact of individual decisions.

Activity Description

For instance, in a history class, students could participate in a simulation of a historical event, like a diplomatic negotiation or a pivotal battle. Each student plays a role based on historical figures, making decisions and reacting to evolving scenarios based on historical facts.

Games and simulations are practical tools for making learning fun and interactive. They provide an engaging and immersive experience that can help learners retain information and develop new skills.

Materials Needed

  • Script

  • Discussion Questions

  • Props for fun!

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