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Student-Created Manipulatives

Strategy Type

Date Added

Hands-On Manipulative Exploration

April 4, 2024



Josh Korb

Active Learning, Manipulatives, Hands-On

Activity Overview

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The "DIY Geometric Shape Models" activity engages students in creating three-dimensional models of geometric shapes using everyday craft materials like cardboard, scissors, and glue.

Activity Description

Manipulatives and hands-on activities are effective teaching tools that promote understanding and retention of concepts. These tools allow students to engage in active learning, which involves using their senses and physical movements to explore and understand new ideas.

This activity focuses on teaching the properties of various shapes – their sides, angles, and faces. Students then select a geometric shape, such as a cube, pyramid, or cylinder, and construct a model using the materials provided. By physically crafting these shapes, students gain a deeper understanding of geometric concepts. This hands-on experience not only reinforces their learning but also fosters creativity and practical application of theoretical knowledge. Making their manipulatives transforms abstract geometry into a tangible and personalized learning experience.

Materials Needed

  • Crafting materials (cardboard, paper, etc.)

  • Glue/Tape

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