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Be the Cause:  An Educator's Guide to EFFECTive Instruction


All because of a Teacher

A simple statement, yet it holds the power to change lives, shape futures, and set countless stories in motion.  By the end of this book, I hope that each reader walks away inspired to not just be A teacher, but THE teacher!  The teacher who doesn't just wait for cause and effect to happen, but to BE THE CAUSE of a child's success.  If we are intentional in the little moments, they can stack up to be a massive shift in the way a child learns, feels, and ultimately grow.

"A small pebble of change dropped into the pond can cause a ripple that turns into a tidal wave of transformation."

In Part 1 - Be the Cause, we delve into the elements of the EFFECT Framework – Engage, Foster, Facilitate, Embrace, Collaborate, and Transform – and explore their significance in creating positive ripples in students' lives.

In Part 2 - Cause the Effect, I provide practical steps and strategies grounded in visible learning principles proposed by John Hattie, allowing you to implement them in your classroom right away. Part two is structured in a way that explores THE WHY, THE HOW, and THE RIGHT NOW of each strategy.

BE THE CAUSE challenges you to reflect on your own experiences as both a student and an educator. Consider the teachers who made a lasting impact on your life and how they did it. Then, ask yourself how you can do the same for your students.

Are you ready to be the cause of something wonderful in a child's life?

Join me on this journey together and discover how we can make tiny changes that add up to incredible change as we turn that quiet pond into a sea of potential and possibility.

Cause and effect – let's make the choice to #bethecause.

Be the Cause - The Book (Author Bonus Bundle)

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