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Manipulative Storytelling

Strategy Type

Date Added

Hands-On Manipulative Exploration

April 4, 2024



Josh Korb

Manipulatives, Active Learning, Hands-On, ELA, Math

Activity Overview

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In the "Village Fair Fraction Adventure," a narrative is set in a vibrant village fair, where various stalls showcase pies, cakes, and pizzas cut into different fractions, such as halves and fourths.

Activity Description

The story follows a group of friends as they explore these stalls, sharing the items among themselves. This activity employs fraction circles, fraction bars, or realistic paper cutouts as manipulatives, allowing students to physically and visually divide these items, thereby understanding fractions in an engaging and tangible way. The approach of using a story to frame the concept makes fractions relatable and concrete, enhancing students' comprehension and making the abstract idea of fractions more accessible through a fun and interactive narrative.

Materials Needed

  • Manipulatives

  • Fraction Story

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